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Preparation and Characterization of Ti(2)O(3) Films Deposited on Sapphire Substrate by Activated Reactive Evaporation Method

藤井 達生 Department of Applied Chemistry
Sakata Naoki Department of Applied Chemistry
難波 徳郎 Department of Applied Chemistry
尾坂 明義 Department of Applied Chemistry
三浦 嘉也 Department of Applied Chemistry
高田 潤 Department of Applied Chemistry
(001)-oriented Ti(2)O(3) films were epitaxially grown on a(001)-face of sapphire single-crystalline substrate by an activated reactive evaporation method. The formation ranges of stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric Ti(2)O(3) films were determined as a function of the substrate temperature (Ts), the oxygen pressure (Po(2)) and the deposition rate. Stoichiometric Ti(2)O(3) films were grown at Ts≧673K under Po(2)≧1.0×10(-4)Torr, which showed the metal-insulator transition with a sharp change in electrical resistivity from 3.5×10(-2) to 2.6×10(-3)Ωcm at 361K. Nonstoichiometric films prepared under less oxidized conditions did not exhibit the transition. The nonstoichiometry of the Ti(2)O(3)films was discussed in terms of excess Ti ions.