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Effect of Moisture Storess on the Growth and Yield of Determinate and Indeterminate Types of Soybean

Mahmood, Tariq
Kuroda, Toshiro
The effect of moisture stress on determinate(Enrei)and indeterminate(Touzan69)types of soybean was studied under vinyl house field conditions.Moisture stress seriously reduced the growth,yield components of both soybean types,but the quantitative effects were seen more in Touzan 69 than in Enrei.Although water stress reduced the floral buds and pod setting ratio in both types the differences were not sighification.The contribution to the number of per plant and seed yield on low and high order racemes was unaffected in Touzan 69,while in Enrei,the contribution to these parameters increased on high order racemes and decreased on low order racemes.In Enrei the contribution to these two parameters on the main stem and branches was not affected by water stress;however,in Touzan 69 the contribution increased 16-18% on the main stem and decreased on the branches.It was concluded that the contribution to the number of soybean pods per plant at different positions essntially mimicked differences in seed yield.In both soybean types the detrimental effects of water stress on all the yield components resulted in lower total yield.The main difference between both types was that comparatively more reduced growth(less number of nodes/plant)of indeterminate type reduced a greater number of floral buds which also had a synergistic effect on reducing the yield,so ultimately the yield reduced more in indeterminate than in determinate type.
determinate type
indeterminate type
raceme order
yield components
water stress