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Kawazu, Kazuyoshi
Kaneko, Noboru
Hiraoka, Kyoko
Yamashita, Hideki
This paper shows that aseptic red pine seedings inoculated with the aseptic nematode (AOKD-3) carrying the bacterium (Bacillus cereus strain HY-3) and the bacterium (HY-3) do not. These findings indicate that the phenylacetic acid producers accompanying the nematode are the pathogen of the pine wilt, conforming to Koch's four principles. The fact that the weakly pathogenic isolate of nematode cannot so effectively wilt the sedding as the strongly pathogenic isolate, no matter how pathogenic a bacterium accompanies it, suggests that inherent characters such as mobility and propagation of the nematode are also important for thenematode to wilt the seedling.
Koch's principle
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
Bacillus cereus
Bacillus megaterium
pathogen of pine wilt