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Takeuchi, Hiroshi
Imai, Sakura
Kanayama, Tomoyo
Kurabayashi, Yuzuru
It is not easy to say that it is scientific clearly though in the Oriental medicine, there is a technique peculiar from the diagnosis to treatment. It is a development phase, and it is applied similar to the application to man though the Oriental medicine is being applied by the animal. This time, it explained the feature of an Oriental medicine disease in the dog and the cat. The method is the same as the method to do by the artery of the wrist that man has though Pulls with the groin artery is done in the dog and the cat. Moreover, the respiratory organ can be diagnosed,and because an inter-esting reaction to control it this time was admitted, it reports. On the other hand, it has a lot of volume of information though neither Eye and Pulls diagnosis are made a science. In addition, it reports on the diagnosis of the convulsion in the Oriental medicine this time. Moreover, this report is convinced of it that it is relate about the nervous system and pressure, and can do clarification scientific the Oriental medicine in the future.
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