Proceedings of Okayama Association for Laboratory Animal Science
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Inoue, Mariko
Mikami, Takanori
Ogou, Satoru
Okino, Tetsuya
Ohkuma, Seitaro
The Laboratory Animal Management Research Center in Kawelsaki Medical School is a felcility maintaining laboratoly animals. It compnses five areas: 1) SPF (Specific Pathogen Free, newly established area), 2) Clean, 3) Conventional. 4) Infected animal. and 5) AdmInistratwn areas. Each area possesses a different microlnological standards grade. And the environment for the rearing of animals is kept clean and complies with the institutional standard concerning pathogens. We have managed this facility while especially taking care about the microorganism regulation and the sanitary management.
特別講演要旨 (Summary of Special Lecture)