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Inspection Method by Comparing CAD Figure with Processed Image

Jindai, Mitsuru
Osaki, Hirokazu
Kajihara, Yasuhiro
Tano Masakazu
Okamoto Katsuyuki
Nishino Akira
Okamoto Asao
Nishimori Naoki
We propose the recognition method of bridge soldering base metal on the circuits by comparing CAD figure and input image of image processing to locate the soldering iron tip accurately to secure the high quality Firstly, three dimensional CAD assembly drawing of circuits which are assembled perpendicularly in each other is projected on an imaginary two dimensional screen which is vertical to the optical axis of the camera The projected image is used as the standard CAD figure to inspect the location of the bridge soldering base metal. The positions among the bridge soldering base metals show the line state. So this line (connecting line) is used as the reference line to inspect the location of the bridge soldering base metal. The characteristics of the standard figure are represented by the connecting line, edge line and center points of base metal. Secondly, the position and gradient of connecting line among bridge soldering base metals in the input image is estimated. And the position of base metal and assembly accuracy of circuit units are calculated by comparing the shape and position of each base metal with its standard figure based on the connecting line Furthermore, the length between the opposite edges of the base metals are calculated to inspect the positions and the assemble accuracy of circuit units.