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Unehira, Magosaburo
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Blood vascular beds of the rhesus monkey kidney glomerulus were replicated with low viscosity methacrylate resin and observed in a scanning electron microscope. The glomerular blood vascular beds consisted of freely and multiply anastomosing capillary networks, which showed lobulations. The lobules intercommunicated with each other by a few bridging capillaries. The lobules, however, could be recognized as fairly independent units in the glomerular microcirculation as the bridging vessels were small in size. Very faint capillaries were sometimes observed in and near the vascular pole of the glomerulus. These faint vessels represented new formations of the glomerular capillaries. Neither short-cut communication nor main pathways were noted between the glomerular afferent and efferent vessels nor within the glomerular capillary networks.
アカゲザル (rhesus monkey)
腎糸球体 (kidney glomerulus)
血管構築 (vascular architecture)
鋳型 (corrosion cast)
走査電顕観察 (scanning electron microscopy)