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農薬有機弗素剤中毒に関する研究 第一編 有機弗素剤の実験的急性中毒に於ける糖代謝,肝機能及び血清電解質に及ぼす影響

Takagi, Shigeru
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Studies were performed on the alterations of the carbohydrate metabolism, liver functions, and serum electrolytes in rabbits in rabbits and rats which were acutely poisoned by organofluorides. 1. In the poisoned rabbits the blood glucose levels showed no consistent abnormalities, but in the rats marked hypoglycemia was induced which tended to be more pronounced before and after convulsions. 2. At the time of intoxication the lactic dehydrogenase system seemed to be secondarily augumented due to the blockade of the Krebs cycle. The system is metabolically located at the final stage of the anaerobic glycolysis. 3. No abnormalities in the serum transaminases and colloidal reactions were observed. 4. No significant alterations were seen in the serum Na, K, Ca, and Cl. 5. These observations suggest the presence of an abnormal carbohydrate metabolism, although species-dependent, in the intoxicated animals.