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Tawara, Jutaro
Terasaka, Takashi
Sakano, Saizo
Nishii, Satoru
Sibata, Jun
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The normal healthy human blood was heparinized with one-tenth volume of 0.1 per cent heparin solution. Ten thousand units of penicillin and 10mg of streptomycin were added to each 100ml of the blood. The whole blood was distributed into culture tubes in amounts of 0.5ml or 1.0ml. The tubes were rubber-stoppered, inclined at 40~45 degrees against the level, and iucubated in static state at 37℃. A few days after incubation, the plasma and free blood cells in tubes were discarded and washed with PBS twice. Then fresh culture medium was placed into the tubes to maintain a number of cells remained adhered on the wall.