Shoichi FUJIMORI (Differential Geometry), Mitsuyasu HASHIMOTO (Invariant Theory),
Masao ISHIKAWA (Algebraic Combinatorics), Kazuyoshi KIYOHARA (Riemannian Geometry),
Masaharu TANIGUCHI (Partial Differential Equation), Takeshi TORII (Algebraic Topology),
Yuji YOSHINO (Commutative Algebra)

Associate editors
Tomoyuki KAKEHI (Integral Geometry), Hiroshi KAWABI (Probability Theory),
Hiroaki NAKAMURA (Number Theory), Kazuhisa SHIMAKAWA (Algebraic Topology),
Hiro-Fumi YAMADA (Representation Theory)

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Special Issue: Hisao Tominaga, Takasi Nagahara "Galois theory of simple rings",Okayama Mathematical Lectures 1970 [Corrected Reproduction, May 2012].2

Current Issue: Volume 62, Issue 1