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Heat Transfer Characteristics of Two Phase ClosedThermosiphon for Geothermal Energy (1st Report: Measurement on Heat Transfer Coefficient)

Hirashima Masao Mitsui. Metal Engineering &Service Co., Ltd.
稲葉 英男 Department of Mechanical Engineering
To prevent freezing of road and aquaduct by extracting geothermal heat with two phase closed thermosiphon has been widely used in a cold area. Both heat transfer characteristics in the underground soil and function of the thermosiphon to extract geothermal heat have to be made clear for the purpose of the above system. This study is directed for the purpose to prevent freezing of fire hydrant and composed of the fundamental experiment and the empirical experiment. In the fundamental study, heat transfer behavior is studied experimentally in the small size filling bath representing the underground soil layer. After recording temperature distribution, heat transfer coefficient is measured, they are proceeded into the correlation between the dimensionless number of Nusselt, Rayleigh and Fourier. The fundamental study is described as the first report.