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抗癌剤並に結晶トリプシンの局所使用に際しての変化について 第Ⅱ編 抗癌剤の腹腔内使用による腸管壁の局所変化について(実験的研究)

小塚 虎治郎 岡山大学医学部第二外科教室
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Various Anticancer Agents (Nitrogen-Mustard N-Oxide (N. M. O.), Carzinophilin, 8-Azaguanin, Actinomycin and Thio-TEPA) were administered intraperitoneally on rabbits, and the changes in the wall of intestinal canal were studied. Those agents were managed to act only on walls of the appendix and the stomach. Changes in the walls were as follows; Intraperitoneal adminstration of the agents did notresulted breakdown and hemorrhage from local blood vessels even in use of high units. N. M. O.; capillary bleeding and destruction of lymphatic tissue, Carzinophilin; significant capillary bleeding and adhesion due to proliferation of tissue, Actinomycin; necrosis of tissue, 8-Azaguanin or Thio TEPA; no remakable changes. As results described above, it is concluded that the changes in intestinal wall after intraperitoneal administration of the Anticancer Agents are not to be neglected.