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アカマツ・クロマツ種間雑種における形態学上の特性 (第2報)外部的特徴による雑種系列の鑑別

Iwamura, Mitimasa
Ishikawa, Tatsuyoshi
The previous work in this series has shown the morphological features in interspecific hybrids between Pinus densiflora Sieb. et Zucc.(Japanese red pine) and P. Thunbergii Parl.(Japanese black pine) in OKAYAMA University HANDAYAMA Forest(Okayama Prefecture). In this paper the results obtained in an experimental stand in Hiroshima prefecture are reported. The experimental stand is set up in the Miyazima National Forest for the purpose of studying the same problem. The author attempted to classify pure red pine, pure black pine and their hybrids tentatively into five types by major external features in the previous paper. Above mentioned tentative method is called the integral method in the present paper. In the present investgation the authors used two methods; one is the integral method and the other is the conventional method. The latter was determined and named by the investigators studying on the breeding of genus pine at the last year metting. The summarized results of these are shown on the Tables 1~5.