Okayama Economic Review
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Change Process of Group Norms with Generational Change in a Small Group

Ozeki Miki Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Okayama University
Group norms are often revised or changed, although consistency and stability are desired when considering group management. The current study aimed to explore the process of group norm change by analyzing the minutes of meetings. Meeting minutes were coded by a psychologist and two graduate students of psychology. A total of 12 categories were identified: “Express determination in changing constitution”, “Ideal constitution,” “Informing current situation” “Changes from the past,” “Questions,”“Resolution of question by explanation,” “Statements for improvements” “Personal opinions,” “Understanding/agreements,” “Consents” “Conclusions,” and “Suspensions.” The results of the current study demonstrated that 1) central group members’ perceptions of the gap between their ideals and the current situation led to a change in group norms in order to realize their ideals, and 2) group members changed the group norms taking into consideration the norms that had been passed down by former members and those that they would hand over to future members.
Group norm
change process
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