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留学生支援ボランティア・WAWA によるチュータリングの現状と課題 : チューターに対するアンケート調査結果を踏まえて

Uzuka, Mariko
Hirota, Yoko
Oka, Masumi
Fukada, Hiromi
Uzuka and Oka (2016) studied the result of the questionnaire for international students who had tutorials by International Student Support Volunteer Group, WAWA during the period from April 2007 to March 2015 and clarified some issues such as the necessity of regular tutoring, demand to accommodate a wide variety of situations, enhancing the quality of volunteer tutors and so on. Meanwhile, a questionnaire survey for volunteer tutors was also conducted. In this paper, the authors examine the situation and the issues of tutoring for international students based on the results of this tutor survey.  A total of 113 volunteer tutors (a response rate 77.9%) responded to the survey. Research has found that periodicity, frequency and the number of items covered by tutoring are the three factors that are related to tutor satisfaction. Authors recognize statistical difficulties that there can be a mutual influence relationship among the three factors and the satisfaction of the tutors and the data used in this study are irregular repeated measurements. Based on these points of consideration, the results of this survey targeting tutors revealed that the satisfaction level of tutors who conducted periodic tutoring was significantly higher than those who did not. In addition, it was confirmed that the degree of satisfaction of tutors with more frequent tutoring was significantly higher than those with less frequent one and the satisfaction of tutors who accommodated more items was significantly higher than those who did less. Therefore, the result shows that it is the most important tasks for WAWA staff and advising teachers to build a tutoring system that can conduct periodic tutoring which offer multiple services including various living support along with Japanese language learning support at least once a week for four months.
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