Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Takemura, Shosuke
The most important word is ‘innovator’ in the theory of Shumpetarian Hypothesis. That gives rise to the specific rivalry and competitive power in some vital facets of business fluctuation. This rivalry has both the innovative and strategic characteristics inside the firm. The notorious industrial policies used to depend on the good functions of production-investment circuit and cost-price one. None the less market fails. A series of the recent open market operations implemented by Japanese Central Bank, are related to a certain misunderstanding about our popular macroeconomic analysis. Let there be no mistake about it. In this article I will research the sustainable factors of R&D and the revised chain model inside the a few manufacturing firms and / or industries including semi-conductor industry. Besides we are going to make use of Japanese statistical materials about TFP comparing to those of U.S. and others as occasion demands. We can take notice that this work has some important fact findings in the article. Finally there will be explanation and emphasis about the distinguishing method between the firms of three types and the ‘inside’ problem.
論説 (Article)