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Human Support Agent for Design and Diagnosis using Classifier System

Ohe, Keita
Konishi, Masami
As is well known, an advanced knowledge and know-how are needed in the design and the diagnosis work. Further, human experts can cope with the recent trend of customers needs. Therefore, the design and the diagnosis work have been privately performed in the past, and its information cannot be shared. In addition, the number of experts is decreasing. It is a very important problem to maintain and to extend experts technologies having been built up. For the purpose, methods and systems for technical inheritance of the advanced techniques of the skilled engineers are needed to train the unskilled operators and also can assist skilled operators. In this research, attention is focused on the design of analog filter circuit. To attain the target, the circuit structural classifier system to support design work is developed. Furthermore, simulation technology for hot strip rolling mills based on distributed agents is presented aimed to develop tools for the diagnosis of hot strip rolling mills operation.