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Human Interface Technology for Operation Support of LargeSized Crane

Kawamura, Mao
Konishi, Masami
Yamagata, Katuki
Shimomura, Koichi
In this research, a Human Interface system is designed intended to mobile crane. The intervention of human is unavoidable to attain the high performance of electro mechanical system. As is known, crane operation is complicated. Recently, the decrease of expert person induced crane accident. So in near future, it is required a partial automation of crane operation and human support technology. We are aiming at the development of the operation support system for a crane. In this research, development of the hydro mechanical models representing both of static and dynamics movements are made. Further, actual experimental data of operating mobile crane, which are electrical signal data and three-dimension (3D) position of moving load is measured. The actual operating data are compared with the model and it is found that the developed electromechanical model can explain the behaviors of actual data.