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Positioning Control of One Link Arm with ParametricUncertainty using Quantitative Feedback Theory

Kuwashima, Takayuki
Konishi, Masami
This paper presents method of the controller design for one link arm with parametric uncertainty. Recently, many manufacturing robots are operated in manufacturing facilities, with the aim of labor and cost saving or improvement of the productivity. Such robots need to have positioning performance of high precision. In condition that there is an uncertainty in plant dynamics, desired control performance may not be attained because the controller is designed according to the mathematical model of a plant. So it is important that the designed control system have a robust control performance. In this paper, the robust controller is designed using Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) for one link arm with parametric uncertainty. Simulation experiments are run for control system designed by using QFT and conventional method. The results are compared with each other and it is found that the control system designed by QFT shows a robust performance and can suppress the unevenness of output against parametric uncertainty.