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FDTD Simulations of Acoustic Waves in Two-DimensionalPhononic Crystals using Parallel Computer

Kurose Tomoyuki
Totsuji, Chieko
Totsuji, Hiroo
The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method has been applied to the calculation of the phonon band structure of two-dimensional (2D) phononic crystals, consisting of metal cylinders placed periodically in liquid. By comparing several combinations of materials for metal cylinder and liquid, we analyze the dependence of the band structures on sound speed and density of liquid media. Moreover, the negative refraction of the acoustic waves is observed at the interfaces between phononic crystal slab and the liquid. We find that an acoustic“lens effect”with the slab appears due to the negative refractions. The relationship between the focal intensity in the lens effect and the band structure is discussed.