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Dispersion Models and Electromagnetic FDTD Analyses ofNanostructured Metamaterials using Parallel Computer

Umeda Ryosuke
Totsuji, Chieko
Totsuji, Hiroo
Metamaterial which has negative permittivity and permeability is investigated via computer simulations. Effects of the nanostructure on dielectric and magnetic properties of the material are taken into account by introducing the Drude-Lorentz model in the materials dispersion. We include multi-band process in the dielectric response in order to reproduce accurately experimental values of bulk Au thin film. Size effect on the dispersion is examined by comparing the model with that of a noble metal particle. Based on the dispersion model constructed, we analyze the electromagnetic response of nanostructured metamaterials to evanescent waves at microwave and optical frequencies via finite-difference time-domain simulatioins on parallel computer. A re- focusing and an amplification of the evanescent waves propagating through a metamaterial, consisting of metal slab/vacuum stacking, is demonstrated for the frequencies of 30GHz and 744THz.