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Aerosol Extinction Coefficient Continuously Measured with Polarized Mie Scattering Lidar

Wada, Osami
Koga, Ryuji
Aerosol extinction coefficients of clouds and dust were continuously measured in the year of 2002 with a polarized Mie-scattering lidar controlled by an automatic and remotely operating system utilizing internet services. Measured cloud extinctions were greater than 1.0 km(-1) below the altitude 6 km, 0.17 - 1.0 km(-1) between 6 and 10 km, and 0.091 - 0.3 km(-1) beyond 10km. Extinction of dust were 0.10 and 0.20 km(-1) for Asian dust and 0.057 km(-1) for urban dust.