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The Optical Behavior of Polyethylene Spherulites

Suefusa Kiyoshi
Monobe Kazuo
Polyethylene was crytallized from the molten film under temperature gradient. As a result, the optically positive spherulites were observed, though only the negative spherulites had been observed previOusly in polyethylene. When the radial structure units twisted regulary in a spherulite are formed parallel to the surface of the film, the spberulite is usually optically negative in polyethylene. In this study, the temperature gradient normal to the surface of the film gives so significant tilt of the radial structure units formed to the surface of the film that the radial refractive index becomes larger than the tangential one under the transmitted polarized light and the spherulites have optically positive behavior. The optical behaviors of the polyethylene spherulites and the crystallizing condition were studied and discussed.