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Clusters in Low-Concentrated Al-Mg Alloy

Sakakibara, Akira
Kanadani, Teruto
Nakagawa, K.
Yokota, Y.
The state above the solubility temperature of GP zones of Al-3mass % Mg alloy, which has a tendency for precipitation and preprecipitation at low temperature, was studied by resistivity measurement. Homogenization treatment at high temperature reduced Mg atoms in the surface layer. After quenching from 623K, the specimen was annealed sequentially at various temperatures above the GP zone solvus. The stationary resistivity obtained in annealing at a temperature was the same irrespective of the starting state and increased with decreasing annealing temperature. No precipitation was observed in the annealing. The results are not in favor of the segregation of Mg atoms to the dislocation loops but of the short range clustering.