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The Systematic Method for Constructing the IDEA BANK Based on the EBL

Kawakami, Hiroshi
Konishi, Tadataka
This paper describes a method to construct IDEA BANK automatically. IDEA BANK is the data base of the "function-structure module" which is utilized in systematic conceptual design from Value Engineering perspectives. The method based on the Machine Learning EBL technique was evaluated and implemented for the IDEA BANK using SUN workstation. The practical implementation of the IDEA BANK acquisition was discussed after elucidating the problem and solution of the EBL technique in engineering design. In the IDEA BANK system, the structural features of an existing article are analyzed by hierarchically organized domain specific knowledge to yield a systematic explanation of how they function and attain their design goals. The explanation resulted in a generalized version of the Functional Diagram used in Value Engineering from which "function-structure module" can be extracted systematically.