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Mechanical Characteristics of Cast Ti Fiber-Reinforced Mg Composite

Okada, Hiroyuki Kaken ID researchmap
Hida, Moritaka
Sakakibara, Akira
Tensile strength and elongation of cast magnesium reinforced with titanium fiber were measured by tensile test. The pull-out test of a titanium rod partially embedded in a magnesium matrix was performed to evaluate interfacial bonding strength between magnesium and titanium. It was found that when the fiber volume fraction was changed from 1% to 14%, the tensile strength was improved with increase of volume fraction, while the improvement of elongation tended to be restrained beyond the volume fraction of 10%. The interfacial strength was revealed to be strong, and this was substantiated by the scanning electron microscopy showing an excellent wettability between the titanium fiber and the magnesium matrix.