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Fine Particles of Ti and Ti-Mo Alloy Prepared by Gas Evaporation

Umemoto, Masayuki
Sakakibara, Akira
Hida, Moritaka
Fine particles of Ti-Mo alloy were prepared by evaporation. When Ti-40at % Mo alloy was evaporated on tungsten filament, fine particles of Ti contaminated with W were obtained. These particles were polyhedron in shape and 10~250nm in diameter. Average diameter and size distribution increased with pressure of argon gas (100~600 Torr). When pure Ti was placed on the Mo filament and evaporated from melt down of heated Mo filament in helium gas, fine particles of pure Ti and of Ti-Mo alloy were obtained. In this case, Ti particles were of indeterminate form and of several tens nm in diameter, and their diffraction pattern was of common α-Ti. On the other hand, composition of the Ti-Mo particles was determined to be 18at % Mo by an analysis of EDX. Structure of Ti-Mo particles could not be determined because their diameters were more than 600nm. The temperature of Mo filament, for the most part, was about 1800℃, and there pure Ti particles were produced. The temperature of the fused part of the filament was locally higher than 2600℃, and there Ti-Mo particles were produced. Fine structures of contact region among some Ti particles were observed with HRTEM.