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Analysis of the Radiation Characteristics of a Primary-Feed Waveguide in a Quasi-Optical Antenna for Circular TE(On) Mode

Wada, Osami
Are calculated the radiation characteristics of two types of primary-feed waveguides of millimeter wave quasi-optical antennas, which transform circular TE(On) mode into a linearly polarized beam. These antennas are utilized for heating and diagnostics of fusion plasma. Analysis is based on the Huygens-Fresnel principle, which takes the diffraction effect into account. For Convenience in analysis, a feed waveguide is divided into two sections, an uniform waveguide section and a visor section. Assuming that the diameter of the waveguide is several times as large as the wavelength and that the structure of the visor is open, the radiation field is approximated by superposition of direct radiation, and first and second reflection on the visor. Numerical results are presented and compared with experimental results. In these types of waveguides, the shadow section on the visor has a great influence on the radiation field. The results of calculation show that the length of the visor should be longer than that obtained by the geometrical optics, and the longer visor reduces the side-lobe level in the direction of the waveguide axis. The results agree well with those in experiments.