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Measurement of Emotional Response by Similarity in Patterns of Galvanic Skin Reflex

Yamamoto, Yoshitake
Isshiki Hiromi
Yamamoto, Tatsuma
There is no doubt that many people feel the peace of mind or the pleasures of senses in appreciating music. But the estimation of the effect is very difficult and the objective estimation can be hardly done. This study proposed the objective estimating method of human emotion utilizing galvanic skin reflex (GSR) which reflects a human psychological activity. In this method, not by individual response, but by the series of response and pattern of appearance of GSR, the emotional response under appreciating music was investigated. In the case of appreciation of the same classic music to several subjects, the individual GSR responses are random and remarkable characteristic could not be find on the results. However, on the patterns of appearance of GSR, the patterns obtaining from the same generation are much similar each other and the patterns obtaining from different generation are less similar. It was cleared that the same music gave different effect on different generations.