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Amorphous Oxides Prepared from Organometallic Compounds Part2. Structure Evolution in Sodium Borosilicate Gels

Yuasa Motokazu
Miura, Yoshinari
Takahashi, Katsuaki
Sodium borosilicate gels of compositions similar to that of Vycor(R) glass like 80SiO(2).15B(2)O(3).5Na(2)O (wt%) were prepared from hydrolysis and polycondensation of metal alkoxides under the HCl catalysis. Variation of specific surface area and porosity with temperature indicated that closed pores were opened below 400℃, and collapsed above 450℃ after the porosity reached a maximum value around 450℃. The structural evolution was examined due to IR spectra and a phase separation in the gels was observed. The solubility of the gels into 1N-HCl was studied as a function of the treatment temperature.