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Discharge Coeffi cient of a Sluice Gate Placed at Sudden Expansion of Open Channel

Nago Hiroshi
Furukawa Syuzo
In this paper the discharge coefficient of a sluice gate placed at the sudden expansion of an open channel is investigated theoretically and experimentally. Lateral and vertical expansions are treated in the study. The coefficients obtained for channels with sudden expansion are compared with those for the straight channel. For free efflux, experimental results show that the coeffcients for expanded channels are always larger than those for a straiaht one,and that the coefficient for a channel to be fully expanded to both lateral and vertical directions takes about 1.2 times larger value than that for a straight one. For submerged efflux, the coefficient is obtained theoretically by using the efflux model shown in this study. The theoretical results explain the experimental ones fairly well. The coefficient for lateral expansion is always smaller than that for a straight channel. The minimum downstream water depth required to submerged efflux for the expanded channels becomes smaller than that for a straight channel.