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気道・食道に分離した重複異物症例 ―教室異物統計と文献的考察―

Suehiro, Michio
Ueda, Setsuo
Ishihara, Motomasa
Tomotsu, Takao
Okamoto, Hiroshi
Tasaka, Shuji
Tamura, Shintaro
Nanba, Masayuki
Masuda, Yu
Ogura, Yoshio
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A case of having two or more foreign bodies simultaneously in the airway and gastrointestinal tract is rare. The authors reported a case of two foreign bodies. A 54-year-old man who carelessly swallowed thumbtacks visited our clinic. An X-ray examination revealed thumbstack in the right bronchus and another in the stomach. The former was removed with a ventilation bronchoscope, and the latter was excreted spontaneously 2 days later. The authors have experienced 84 cases of esophageal foreign bodies and 47 cases of tracheobroncheal ones in the last 10 years. Cases of foreign bodies in both locations showed a higher frequency in males, and the majority of the cases were of children 3 years old or less. Coins were the most common esophageal foreign body, and peanuts were most common tracheobroncheal foreign body.The most frequent location of the foreign bodies was the cervical constriction in cases of esophageal foreign bodies, being twice as frequent as the right bronchus. Two cases of multiple foreign bodies have been treated in our clinic, and both of them were of 2 coins in the upper esophagus.