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Ohta, Tamotsu
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Lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity and serum blocking factor, their classification according to the stage, and the follow-up observations before and after operation were investigated in 40 cases of colon cancer. For the control group, the cytotoxicity test was conducted on 12 cases of cancer other than colon cancer. Cytotoxicity was detected in only one of these. Cytotoxicity was detected in 30 cases of colon cancer. There were no significant differences due to the stage of cancer. Serum blocking factor was investigated in 34 cases and 25 of them showed positive blocking. Classification by stage showed tendency for the blocking index to increase with advance of the cancer. Follow-up observations before and after operation were conducted on 14 cases. The cytotoxicity, rose transiently after operation then decreased progressively in cases undergoing therapeutic surgery. Cytotoxicity reappeared in the cases of recurrence. The serum blocking factor decreased after operation showing transient negative blocking, then disappeared. In the cases of non-curative surgery, cytotoxicity rose transiently after operation and did not disappear throughout the entire course of observation. Serum blocking factor after operation showed transient negative blocking, then returned to positive.
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