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Kondo, Tadasuke
Miyoshi, Kanji
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Influence of sugar loading on the reduction process from biliverdin to bilirubin and their excretion into bile from the liver was studied using the rabbit whose liver was damaged with acute carbon tetrachloride poisoning. Five percent solution of glucose, fructose and xylitol were used for the experiments, and loaded into the auricular vein of the rabbit at the rate of 10ml per Kg of rabbit's weight. Following results were obtained; 1) After sugar loading, bile volume increased at a half hour in glucose loading group and at 0.5, 1 and over 3 hours in fructose loading group, but decreased in xylitol loading group. 2) Bile pigment concentration and the excreted amount of bile pigment increased or showing the increasing tendency after sugar loading in all groups. 3) The bilirubin fraction in the total bile pigment increased gradually after sugar loading in all groups. 4) The direct bilirubin in the total bilirubin fraction increased after all sugar loading groups, but not significant. Molar ratio of glucuronic acid to total bile pigments increased sleightly immediately after sugar loading in all groups and increased significantly in glucose and xylitol loading group.