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胆汁Bilirubinに関する研究 第2編 家兎胆汁中胆汁色素の性状とその糖質負荷による変動について

Miyoshi, Kanji
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Influences of intravenous injection of sugar solution on the reduction process from biliverdin to bilirubin and conjugation of bilirubin in the rabbit liver was studied. 5% solution of glucose, fructose or xylitol was loaded into an auricular vein of the rabbit that contained both bilirubin and biliverdin in the bile. Following results were obtained; 1) After loading of sugar solution, decreased bile volume, increased concentration was observed up to 3 hours in each group, and the excreted amount of bile pigments was not increased. 2) The bilirubin fraction in the total bile pigments in the bile was gradually increased after loading of sugar solution on each group. The concentration of bilirubin was superior to biliverdin in 30 minutes in glucose group, in 1.5 hours in xylitol group, and 3 hours in fructose group after loading. 3) The direct bilirubin fraction in total bilirubin in the bile increased in each group after loading of sugar solution, but not significant. Molar ratio of glucuronic acid to total bile pigments increased immediately after loading of sugar solution. Significant increase was shown in glucose and xylitol loading group. 4) The percentage of alpha 3 azo-pigment to total bilirubin azo-pigments decreased and delta azo-pigment increased after loading of sugar solution than the control group. Alpha 2 and beta azo-pigment was observed in xylitol group, these azo-pigments were not shown in the control. 5) Small amount of bilirubin Ⅲα and bilirubin XⅢα exsists in the rabbit bile.