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Furuichi, Keiji
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It is a very important problem in the field of public health among many Occidental countries to prevent against alcoholic addiction. Recently, even in Japan the consumption of alcoholic beverages has increased considerably and especially drinking habit among women and young people is becoming more popular than ever before. Such tendency has changed drinking trait of old traditional drinking pattern in this country which had been fixed for a long time. Also it suggests that will raise more important problems in the field of public health in Japan. There are several reports concerning with drinking trait in Japan but most of them were studied about special professional groups or residents of small area. Very few of population based studies have been reported especially in larger area on drinking trait. This study has been done from the point of view that a population based study in larger scale is needed because it is considered to be very important in the field of public health to clarify a relationship between drinking trait and alcoholic addiction in Japanese society at large.