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予防接種の副反応に関する衛生学的研究 第一編 申請状況の分析とその問題点

Tamaki, Takeshi
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Japanese Government has enforced statutory activities for the relief of the victims due to the adverse effects of legal vaccinations since October in 1970. The author collected and analyzed 985 cases applied for relief system run by the Government, and pointed out several problems arisen by the analysis. The results are as follows. 1) Concerning the distribution of the applicants classified by the time victims received vaccinations, the applicants decrease as the year of occurence of the victim goes back to the past. 2) As for kinds of vaccinations, more victims were observed among small pox, poliomyelitis and combined vaccines of diphtheria and pertussis (DP) than cholera and BCG vaccinations. 3) As for sex ratio, no significant difference was admitted as a whole, though a slight difference was observed among poliomyelitis and BCG. 4) About one third of the applicants died. The more they died, the shorten was the duaration from vaccination to the appearance of adverse effect. 5) There were differences of incidence among prefectures. According to the findings mentioned above, the author concluded that an effective surveillance system must be established for the complete relief activities.