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局所使用副腎皮質ステロイド剤(ベーターメサゾン)の施用温度と薬効との関係の検討 第Ⅰ編 急性化膿性中耳炎に対するベーターメサゾン点耳液の施用温度と薬効との関係について

Maeda, Takeshi
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Otic rinderon solution, a preparation of cortico-steroid hormone for topical use, is frequently used on clinical patients of various ENT diseases with favorable effects. However, on application of the medicine to patients, esp. to acute otitis media, it seems that temperature of the agent influences its therapeutic effects. Then, the author tried some clinical experiments using the agents under various temperatures, and observed the difference on therapeutic effects. The patients were divided into three groups. Group Ⅰ of 12 cases were treated with otic rinderon solution of 37℃, Group Ⅱ of 23 cases, with the agent of 15°-25℃, and Group Ⅲ of 10 cases, with the agent of 10℃. The results obtained are as follows: In Group Ⅰ, the therapy appeared to be highly effective in seven cases (58.3%), fairly effective in four cases (33.3%), and not effective in one case (18.3%). In Group Ⅱ, highly effective in ten cases (43.4%), fairly effective in ten cases (43.4%), and not effective in three cases (13.1%). In Group Ⅲ, no highly effective cases, fairly effective in five cases (50.0%), and not effective in five cases (50.0%). Consequently, the best therapeutic effects were obtained with the topical use of otic rinderon solution under the temperature of 37℃.