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胃炎および胃潰瘍の組織化学的研究 第2編 脱水素酵素について

Takemoto, Shigeru
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Whith the use of tissue specimens obtained from 60 patients of stomach polyp, gastritis or gastric ulcer at the time of operation, some histochemical studies on 8 kinds of dehydrogenases, such as SDH, LDH, MDH, alpha-GDH, beta-HDH, G-6-PDH and ICDH were carried out, and the results are briefly summarized in the following. 1. It has been found that the activity of everyone of these dehydrogenases is slightly increased in the tissue of stomach gastritis. 2. In the case of hypertrophic gastritis such activity is still higher. 3. In atrophic gastritis the activity of everyone of these enzymes in gland cells decreases with the decrease in the number of gland cells, but the activity is maintained in proportion to the degree of inflammation. 4. The activity of SDH and NAD-linked dehydrogenases is increased in those encapsulated epithelial cells and gland cells located adjacent to the region of a marked cell infiltration. 5. On the proximal side of the capillary blood vessels in the inflammatory area, the activity of NADP-linked dehydrogenases appears faintly but it is not so noticeable as that of alkalinephosphatase. 6. Among wandering cells, the activity of SDH, LDH and MDH is high in lymphoid cells; the activity of LDH, beta-HDH, G-6-PDH and ICDH is strong in histiocytes; and the activity of SDH and LDH is relatively high in granulocytes. 7. In the neoplasm of the ulcer base, with exception of SDH, everyone of these dehydrogenases shows either a minimal or a moderate activity, but it is somewhat decreased in the region of hyaline degeneration. 8. While the enzyme activity is seen to increase transiently as the necrosis sets in, it decreases with the lapse of time, finally disappearing altogether. 9. The activity of everyone of these enzymes in the regenerated mucous epithelium is found to have increased slightly, and it is stronger than that in the proliferated area of the gastric gland cervix. 10. In those regions of intestinal metaplasia, generally each of these dehydrogenases shows a strong activity, resembling to that in the villi of duodenum.