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老壮年者の皮下脂肪厚に関する研究 第2編 高血圧者の皮下脂肪厚について

Kosaka, Chuichiro
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Two hundred and eighty five subjects aged more than 40 were chosen. Relationship of skinfold thickness with serum cholesterol and lipoprotein (β+γ/α ratio) was studied in the hyperensives. The results were as follows. 1) In she hypertensive skinfold thickness increased especially of the abdomen, 2) Significant correlation was found between shinfold thickness and ophthalmoscopic findings and between skin-fold thickness and STT changes in the EKG. 3) Lipoprotein ratio and serum cholesterol were higher in the female than in malc aged more than 40. There were found low both male and female aged about 60. 4) Lipoprotein, cholesterol and skinfold thickness of abdomen showed well correlation and the skinfold thickness was considered to be a valid index of the lipid metabolism.