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老壮年者の皮下脂肪厚に関する研究 第1編 正常老壮年者の皮下脂肪厚について

Kosaka, Chuichiro
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Skinfald thickness was measused in 102 subjects aged over 40 years using Keys's Caliper and its relationship by measuring points was considered. Furthermore it was studied in 307 normel subjects with blood pressure less than 150mmHg (systolic) and 90mmHg (diastolic), in order to investigate a variation of the skinfold thickness by the body build and occupation. Upper arm, abdomen and back ware chosen as a mesuring point. Following results were obtained.(1) The Skinfold thickness measured at three point were highly correlated among them. (2) The skinfold thichness revealed largest in abdomen. (3) The skinfold of the females, at each measusing point and each group, surpassed that of the males. (4) The skinfold thickness was largest in the subjects aged between 40 and 50 years in both sex. (5) Remarkable variation was seen in the skinfold thickness measured in abdomen and that mesured in back was considered to be best as a nutritional index. (6) Skinfold thickness measured in abdomen was considerablly larger in the sedentary workers. No significant difference was seen in the thickness between abdomen and back in the manual workers.