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ドリン剤中毒に関する研究 第3編 ドリン剤中毒の統計的観察

Niiya, Yoshiharu
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1. Endrin was responsible for all the cases of drin intoxication reported in Japan except one attributed to aldrin. No dieldrin intoxication has been reported. 2. Endrin was ingested with the suicidal purpose in 86% of the cases, intoxication due to its spray was rare. 3. Many of the accidents occurred betweeu the month of May and Novenber, and many of the victims were between the age of 20 and 30. More females were killed than males. 4. Oral intake of 3cc or 5cc of endrin was fatal in one case, respectively, and ingestion of its 10cc killed two persons. In these cases the fatal doses were estimated at 14.2, 19.5 and 48.8 mg/kg, respectively. 5. Cardinal symptoms included generalized seizure, loss of consciousness, vomiting, cyanosis, salivation, and agony. 6. Treatment consists of gastrolavage injection of cardiotonics and liver-protecting agents, and infnsion. Symptomatically sedatives and spasmolytics are also beneficial.