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γ-アミノ酪酸の代謝に関する研究 第3編 てんかん脳のtransaminase活性について

Uno, Kazuaki
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A genuine epileptic and experimental animals such as L. C. L. A. rabbit, ep-mouse and vitamin B(6) deficient mouse were utilized for this study to measure the transamilase activity. 1) The focus in the epileptic brain manifested the decrease of the transamilase activity compared with the non-focus and also the non epileptic. 2) There was, however, no significant difference between the transamilase activities of the epileptic non-focus and of the non-epileptic. 3) In both cases of L. C. L. A. rabbit and ep-mouse, no difference could be found in the activity in contrast to the control groups. 4) The transamilase activity of the VB(6) deficient mouse brain was seemed to be considerably decreased in contrast to the control.