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膵内分泌の胃潰瘍発生因子に関する実験的研究 第2編 アロキサン糖尿病と潰瘍の関係

Morimoto, Kohei
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It was discussed, in part I, that endocrine function of the pancreas may be related to peptic ulceration of the stomach, though many problems on this item remain unknown. To clarify the influence of hyperglycemia induced by damage of the pancreas on the ulceration of the stomach, the author studied, in this part, changes in gastric mucosa and the secretory function of the stomach in Alloxan-diabetic rat. The incidence of the gastric erosion in Alloxan-diabetic rat following administration of NPH Insulin was equal to that in the non-diabetic. Gastric secretory function in Heidenhain's pouch of dog was elevated in all cases on the day of administration of Alloxan, and in half of the cases the function remained elevated during the course of diabetic state. In Alloxandiabetic rat, however, gastric secretory function was depressed and the depression was much more remarkable in the cases in which adrenalectomy was added. No ulcer was observed in gastric mucosa of Alloxan-diabetic rat. It was, therefore, surmized that the hyperglycemia induced by Alloxan was not related to the ulceration of the stomach.