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放射線照射時に発生する溶血性物質に就いて 第二編 溶血性物質の定性的研究並びに生物作用に就いて

Akagi, Eiko
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The cause of irradiation anemia seems to lie in biological phenomena as well as in hemolytic toxin produced by X-Ray irradiation. It has been confirmed that since phospholipid fraction in vivo shows strong toxicity in direct proportion to the dose of X-rays, the actual hemolytic substance is lysolecithin. This substance is proved to give rise to marked morphological changes in hematopoietic organs, and it has also been clarified that the same substance acting on sea-urchin egg brings about a delay in egg division. However the same snbstance does not induce any striking change in the respiratory enzyme system.