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淋巴腺組織培養に関する研究 第1編 各種培地が健康家兎淋巴腺組織培養に及ぼす影響並に人非病的淋巴腺と各種疾患々者淋巴腺組織培養について

Kobayashi, Teruo
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For the lymph-node tissue culture with cover-slip generally the classical media and culture technics have been used in the past. The author studied various methods of tissue culture as well as media and also applied these technics to clinic, and obtained the following results. 1. As for the cell growth (relative growth rate, the wandering velocity of lymphocytes, and the cell density) the slide with a hollow method is beat in the tissue culture by the coverslip methods, and chick embryo juice mixed with blood plasma is good in the media. As for the cell observation the simplified culture method devised in our laboratory is convenient. By Unno's method a fairly good results can be obtained for the vital observation of cells and for the cell growth. 2. In the experiments of adding various substances to the media of chick embryo juice mixed with blood plasma, utilizing the Unno's method, the author studied the effects of these substances on the cell growth. When vitamin B(12) or estradiol is added, the result in each case is better than the control (added with Ringer'a solution), and when vitamin B(1), C, Thyradin, spleen extract, or extract of lymph node are added, the results do not differ much from that of control. With the addition of ACTH the result is inferior to that of the control. 3. The result of the tissue culture of non-pathologic human lymph nodes is about the same as in the case of the tissue culture of normal rabbit lymph nodes. In the lymph-node tissue culture in a case of lymphadenitis simplex the result is far superior to that of nonpatholcgic human lymph node, and in the lymphnode tissue culture in the case of paticnts with reticulosarcoma, Hodgkin's disease, tuberculous lymph-node inflammation and cancer metastasis, the results are mostly poor.