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S.enteritidis超遠心分劃物質の免疫学的研究 第2編 感染防禦実験

Yoshioka, Tatsuji
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Using the same method described in the part I, the author prepared supernatant (Sf) and particulated (Rf) fractions from MURASHIMA's strain and TAKATA's strain respectively. And studied the protective antigenicity of these fractions. The results obtained were as follows. 1) No productive antigenicity was observed on the inoculatoin of Sf. However, the inoculation of Rf could give sufficient immunity by a single intraveneous inoculation: interperitoneal inoculation was inferior than intraveneous one in its effect. 2) By repeated inoculation of Rf from the highly virulent strain the animal became sensitive to a challenge of bacteria. Meanwhile repeated inoculation of Rf from the less virulent strain could give immunity enough to overcome challenge. 3) The prcductive antigenicity of Rf was inactivated either by exposure to heat, 56℃ 30 min, or by action of formalin or mersonin. 4) Sufficient immunity to prevent oral infection was acquired by inoculation of Rf from the highly visulent strain.