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癌組織毒の炎症性因子の研究 第III編 癌組織に含まれる炎症性物質の注入による皮下組織伸展標本における白血球滲出の実験的研究

Hirozawa, Koichiro
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By observing tissue extension specimens prepared from the rabbits previously given subcutaneous injection of extracts of various cancer tissues for 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 minutes, the author studied the exudation of leucocytes, and obtained the following results: The earliest exudation of leucocytes observable, namely, five minutes afterwards, is in the case of the cancer-tissue extracts obtained by treating with pyridine and acetone. The findings after the injection of these substances are a more marked hyperemia and dilation of blood vessels than in other cases. Moreover, despite a relatively small increase of leucocytes in blood vessls the exudation of leucocytes can be recognized. As for the exudation picture after 30 minutes, it is marked in the cancer tissue extracts, the euglobulin fraction of the cancer-tissue extracts, and heated cancer-tissue extracts, followed by the extracts of the cancer tissues treated with trichlor acetic acid and tannic acid.