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腹膜吸収機能測定法に関する研究 第2編 肝障害時におけるBSPを用いた腹膜吸収機能測定法についての検討

Hasegawa, Minoru
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The peritoneal absorptive function by BSP was observed on the rabbits with experimental liver damage. And the results were as follows. 1. The maximum concentration of BSP in peripheral blood was 85% on the average in both of cases with liver damage by chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, the arrival time was 30 minutes or 1 hour, the decrease after 2 hours was inactive and it showed 7%, 5%; 5,7%; 3,3% after 24 or 48 hours. 2. The value of cases with thrombosis of reticuloendothelial system was same to that of healthy cases reported in the I Part. 3. Therefore, the decision of this method could be useful, if the arrival time of maximum concentration was taken as the mark. 4. It reached up to the maximum after 30 minutes and returned to 0% after 1-2 hours on the direct injection of BSP into the portal vein. 5. Therefore, it might be signified that the reason not to return to 0% after 24-48 hours in healthy cases or cases with thrombosis of reticuloendothelial system was due to the slow absorption from the peritoneum.