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Sasaki, Hachiro
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The anthor has already reported the fact of the absorption ability of the seminal vesicles by using the adrenal hormones with rabbits. In this report, the experiments were performed by the administration of adrenalin and cortisone on 15 male patients with genital organ diseases, and the blood dextrose levels were compared. 1. The blood level showed the highest within one hour after the hypodermic injection of adrenalin and returned to normal after 3 hours. 2. By injecting adrenalin into the seminal vesicles through vas deferens, the blood level showed also high and maintained for comparatively long time. 3. By the administration of cortisone, the blood level showed slightly high, and the differences could be found between intramuscular injection and the seminal vesicles injection and the seminal vesicles injection through vesicles injection through vas deferens.